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Battery Production Solutions

The Global Shift to Renewable Energy is Leading to an Electrification and Energy Storage Boom

PolyFlex Products is an industry leader in integrating custom material handling and packaging solutions into electric battery manufacturing operations. Our custom solutions help manufacturers meet changing demands and conditions of Smart Manufacturing in real-time.

Whether you are running custom small-scale production or large digitized factory production our customers rely on us to deliver precision, accuracy, repeatability traceability and quality best practices for smooth line integration.

PolyFlex partners with some of the world’s leading EV manufacturers to design, engineer, prototype and manufacture packaging and material handling products.

Through our multi-material and multifaceted production capabilities, we address the battery industry’s most complex manufacturing challenges through the latest molding capabilities, including solid elastomer urethane, foamed urethane, injection molding and thermoforming.

Turnkey Manufacturing

With design and manufacturing resources in North America and Europe, we bring a turnkey solution to every project – from design and material engineering to manufacturing and quality testing.

Rapid Response Team Emergency Support

While you can’t predict when automated warehouse systems or manufacturing flows will be interrupted, you can be assured that the PolyFlex Products Rapid Response Team is ready to go in an emergency. From design and engineering through manufacturing and testing, we deliver solutions quickly – anytime, anywhere.

Contact the Rapid Response Team at

Optimized Material Handling

Our protective product packaging and dunnage solutions are designed for floor space optimization, production sequencing requirements and autonomous-loading part protection.

PolyFlex Products is ISO 9001-2015 certified for quality. We conduct continuous testing to ensure that all our material handling products meet customer specs and standards.


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