Our Customers

Packaging Engineers

PolyFlex has a wealth of experience in the design and manufacture of both expendable and returnable packaging. Our approach is somewhat unique in looking at a systemic approach making certain all aspects of the entire process are understood and considered. Often the products we develop are in use in several steps of the manufacturing process – all the way through protecting your product to its final destination.

Purchasing Managers

PolyFlex provides a unique service that looks at all aspects of a program and identifies overall savings. We don’t look for shortcuts and we don’t simply try to beat someone else’s price, rather we try to identify a better approach. We look for better density, greater durability, better ergonomics, more cost-effective materials and reducing line side labor. Our engineers work with automated systems engineers and suppliers to improve efficiencies and develop circular lifecycle products that provide a return on the investment

Health and Safety

We work with your health and safety coordinators to eliminate ergonomic concerns. Often this is accomplished by addressing repetitive motions or choosing materials that help reduce the weight of products. Often, we will work directly with the people involved in the process or manufacturing operations to get a firsthand understanding of the concerns.

Executive Management

Ask your engineers to talk to our engineers about a system-wide approach to product development and problem-solving. In many cases the solution addresses many concerns; driving overall efficiencies, quality, reduced product damage, etc.…In addition, custom solutions generally take a significant amount of time to implement. At PolyFlex we control the engineering, design, prototyping and toolmaking, and production lead times are greatly reduced. Today’s speed to market can have a significant impact on the bottom line. Our commitment to recycling may also be of particular interest as a beneficial addition to corporate responsibility reporting.

Manufacturing Managers/ Industrial Engineers

Implementing new products into an existing system can cause havoc on production and processes. Knowing that up front can minimize those concerns. And your engineers talking to our engineers throughout the product development cycle can reduce time and costs. We work closely with manufacturing managers, engineers, team leads and automation system specialists to identify those concerns and make transitions as seamless as possible.

Sustainability Managers

PolyFlex is committed to recycling industrial plastics. We help implement circular lifecycle planning and design products upfront that can be easily recycled or utilize recycled materials. Developing plans for the future of those products once their usefulness comes to an end is key to the success of the goal. In some cases, the reuse of the material from an obsolete product can be converted into new products for the same company. This is by far the most effective method of recycling and provides the best overall benefit to the user.

Automation/Autonomous Engineers

Our products often interface with robots, conveyors, AGV’s, drones, etc.…. We collaborate with the manufactures of these types of equipment, as well as the subject matter experts within your organization. Call PolyFlex and have your engineers talk to our engineers. Our experience allows us to provide best practices to known technologies and keeping up with new technologies provides additional benefits and favorable results.