About Us

Unmatched speed to market makes PolyFlex Products a sought after partner for product protection, manufacturing automation, agricultural precision and packaging solutions.

PolyFlex Products manufactures highly-effective material handling packaging solutions for bulk, corrugated container, pallets, dunnage, totes, protective packaging and ag trays. It is our shared vision to utilize new technology and build upon the development of custom solutions. Newer technology allows us at PolyFlex Products to also be eco-friendlier, as our newer machines use less energy. With our product development team, we work with you to do whatever we need to find the right answer to your problem.

Our capabilities include:

  • Design – AutoCAD, Solidworks, SDRC, Catia
  • Prototype – SLS, SLA and Cast Urethane
  • Tooling – Cast, Compression, and Injection Molds
  • Manufacturing
  • Cast Solid Elastomer Urethane
  • Foamed Urethane
  • Thermoset Urethane
  • Thermoplastic Injection
  • Structural Foam / Low Pressure Injection

Company Values

With a strong mission statement and list of core values, we at PolyFlex Products hold ourselves to a high standard when dealing with clients and their projects. With our focus on quality and efficiency, you won’t be disappointed that you chose PolyFlex Products.

These seven values are fundamental, enduring, and meant to be acted upon. As a company, we strive to ensure that we uphold them every day.


We embrace change as a way of challenging each other to grow personally and professionally. Our ability to adapt is our strength.


We respect the inherent value of each and every individual that we encounter.

Loyalty & Trust

We build loyalty and trust by acting with integrity, openness, and honesty.


We provide an environment where people are free to share ideas, problems, and solutions.


Our word is our bond, and we are fully committed to completing what we have set out to accomplish, taking responsibility for our actions along the way.


We value the contributions of all and publicly recognize their accomplishments.


We approach each situation with a positive mindset and create a positive environment that leads to people becoming happier and more fulfilled.


We will build a strong and viable company by investing in and bringing value to our people, customers, and suppliers. In doing so, our community will become flexible, learn, grow, and quickly adapt to changing markets.


We bring value to our clients through the development of unique products and cost-saving solutions while also assisting them in the efficient launch of their products.

Automating Your Operation? You Need the Precision of PolyFlex’s Processing Trays.

Automating Your Operation? You Need the Precision of PolyFlex’s Processing Trays.

Automating your production line is a great way to increase productivity, output and employee safety. However, to really take advantage of your newly-automated system, you need precision. Robots, especially, require exactness… the benefits that they afford depend on being able…

Get Heavy Gauge Thermoforming’s Durability at Reduced Cost

Get Heavy Gauge Thermoforming’s Durability at Reduced Cost

It is well known in the industry that heavy gauge thermoforming produces rigid, sturdy, and durable products. Heavy gauge thermoforming is also a great way for manufacturers who need a shipping tray or part that is light yet sturdy at…

Common Uses of PolyFlex’s Heavy Gauge Thermoforming

Common Uses of PolyFlex’s Heavy Gauge Thermoforming

Heavy gauge thermoforming is used less often and in more precise ways than in-line thermoforming. One key difference is that in in-line thermoforming the thickness is below 1.5 millimeters, whereas heavy gauge thermoforming’s thickness is between 6.35 millimeter and 9.35…