Get Heavy Gauge Thermoforming’s Durability at Reduced Cost

It is well known in the industry that heavy gauge thermoforming produces rigid, sturdy, and durable products. Heavy gauge thermoforming is also a great way for manufacturers who need a shipping tray or part that is light yet sturdy at a reduced cost. In this post, we will look at heavy gauge thermoforming and the advantages and different uses it has compared to in-line thin gauge thermoforming.

To begin the process, heavy gauge polycarbonate or similar plastic that is at least 3 millimeters thick is used. It is heated by a thermoforming system which makes the material pliable. While the heated material is still pliable a vacuum is used to pull the plastic sheet tightly against a #D form. A blast of air is used to release the newly thermoformed sheet and then the sheet is trimmed and cleaned up to complete the product.

In-line thin gauge thermoforming produces a much less sturdy flexible product that is typically used for disposable packaging whereas heavy gauge thermoforming is often used to produce OEM parts for recreational vehicles and reusable shipping and in-plant processing trays.

At PolyFlex, we specialize in heavy gauge thermoforming that integrates the advantages of vacuum forming with the precision and strength that is typically associated with much more expensive injection molding processes. We work tirelessly to produce heavy gauged thermoformed trays that have a cost effective yet sturdy base with precise design that accepts injection molded inserts that are able to not only secure parts but also interact with robots. We believe our advanced capabilities in heavy gauge thermoforming allow us to integrate these two processes into one product more successfully and efficiently than anyone in the industry. Do not hesitate to contact us today with any questions about any of our thermoforming processes!