Automating Your Operation? You Need the Precision of PolyFlex’s Processing Trays.

Automating your production line is a great way to increase productivity, output and employee safety. However, to really take advantage of your newly-automated system, you need precision. Robots, especially, require exactness… the benefits that they afford depend on being able to manipulate, move and maneuver your line’s products with pinpoint precision. To achieve that, you need precision every step of the way and, from our point of view, that starts with picking your products up.

When retrieving your products, robots don’t want any variation. No packaging errors, no inconsistencies in measurements, just pure, unadulterated uniformity. That’s where PolyFlex’s custom processing trays come in to play. Designed with precision in mind, our nesting pallets and trays position your products exactly where they need to be. More importantly, working closely with your suppliers and engineers, we can custom design – and build – injection-molded trays and pallets that deliver on the precision that your line’s automated equipment expects.

At PolyFlex, our goal is to help you optimize your manufacturing, transportation and material handling processes. If you’re working on automating your processes, you’re already looking for ways to speed up – and streamline – the way that your line operates. Working closely with you, your engineers and your parts suppliers, we can help you take the next step: full automation of your line’s in-plant processing. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you ensure that your automated processes run smoothly, contact us today to discuss your needs.