Protecting Your Bottom Line with In-Line Thermoforming

At PolyFlex, we pride ourselves on offering plastic, urethane and rubber solutions for every member of the industrial and automotive markets. We understand that, sometimes, sturdiness and precision just don’t matter as much as overall cost. In those cases, our in-line thermoforming products save you money by reducing both the time and materials required to fill your order.

Manufactured from thin-walled, roll-fed plastic, in-line thermoforming simplifies the automation process by decreasing the difficulty of feeding, vacuum-forming and trimming the products you need. Whether you’re looking for disposable processing or automation trays, we can help you cut your costs without needing to make sacrifices when it comes to protection during the shipping process. In fact, not only can disposable trays save you money in production, they can lower your overall shipping costs due to their reduced weight.

PolyFlex offers an impressive range of services designed to not only make your automotive and industrial solutions more effective but to reduce their costs and increase your profits. As an industry leader in the areas of dunnage engineering, kitting trays, returnable packaging and high-quality, injection-molded products, we aim to deliver a solution that meets – or better yet, exceeds – your expectations.

So if you’re looking to cut costs without cutting quality, reach out to one of our knowledgeable associates. No matter what you’re goal, we can explore possibilities until we arrive at a solution that achieves it. We’ll walk you through the transition, discuss product options and help to get your processes optimized.