Using Custom Injection Molded Kitting Trays to Optimize Robotic and Automated Processes

When using handling trays in robotic and automated assembly processes, precise tolerances need to be ensured. With a precision engineered kitting tray, you can achieve higher rates of repeatability and accuracy. Because of this, it is essential to source your kitting trays from a material handling manufacturer that has a keen understanding of how robots and automated machinery interfaces with your products.

At PolyFlex, we have years of experience in helping our clients determine the best material handling solution for their needs. Whether you need thermoformed plastic kitting trays, rack dunnage or reusable containers, our experts will collaborate with you, work alongside your engineers and talk with your suppliers to develop the most effective solution for your situation.

Our kitting trays, in particular, are designed with robotic and automatic interaction in mind. With the ability to feature a custom center detail that allows for smooth interfacing with robotics equipment, you can be confident that our trays will integrate into your process seamlessly. Kitting trays from PolyFlex also act as transport containers, effortlessly carrying your parts through all of the different stages of the assembly process.

In addition to increasing efficiency, our trays feature wear pads made from a durable, protective material that safeguards your parts from the damaging effects of metal-on-metal wear. As a result, your parts aren’t simply assembled faster, they’re assembled in a way that reduces wasteful imperfections and increases your saleable yield.

At PolyFlex, we aim to lead the industry when it comes to innovation in kitting trays and other material handling solutions. As an ISO 9001-certified company, it is our policy to deliver products that exceed your expectations, contribute to a more efficient operation, reduce costs and increase profits. If you’ve been looking for a kitting tray supplier that will work with your team to develop the best possible answer to your needs, contact us today to learn more about custom kitting trays from PolyFlex.