June 2007 marks startup for the ThermoFlex production

Morrison, TN — ThermoFlex LLC, a new industrial organization created to specialize in the manufacture of thermoset and thermoformed products, launches its operations on June 1 in the firm’s new headquarters and production facilities located in Morrison, Tennessee. In the announcement, Greg Hancock, ThermoFlex vice president and general manager, added that initial operations will include thermoset urethane molding and medium to heavy gauge thermoforming, and within a few months after startup, they will be adding foam urethane operations to the production processes. ThermoFlex will service and support manufacturers in the Southeast U.S., with an emphasis on automotive OEM and tier suppliers, for their packaging, dunnage and material handling requirements.

Typical products the firm will produce are urethane coated rollers and components for conveyors, as well as tool protection holders for the metalworking machine industry, plus a host of molded/formed assembly tools, bumpers, enclosures, grippers, covers, part protectors, wipers, seals and custom dunnage components.

Mr. Hancock also noted that ThermoFlex is able to provide custom design capabilities including prototyping in addition to finished manufactured products, and offers custom injection molding services through its sister facility, PolyFlex Products (Livonia, MI).

ThermoFlex LLC was established as a joint venture resulting from the January, 2007 alliance between PolyFlex Products and Advanced Elastomers (Wixom, MI), combining the capabilities of PolyFlex (injection molding, foam urethanes and solid elastomers) and Advanced Elastomers (thermoset polyurethanes, rubbers and plastics) into a single, synergistic resource.