Let PolyFlex’s Custom Processing Trays Buddy Up with Your Robots

The great advantage of robots is their precision, but that’s also their problem. Robots want everything else to be as precise as they are. And let’s face it, humans are not precise.

As precise as robots are in placing and assembling parts, they are just as precise when picking those parts up to begin its cycle. If the part isn’t exactly where the robot expects it to be, it gets all huffy and stops. To keep the robots happy and your production line moving, you need to place those parts in processing trays as precise as the robots. That’s what PolyFlex Products provides.

PolyFlex has long experience in custom designing dunnage trays and pallets that interface seamlessly with automation equipment during manufacturing and assembly. We also make kitting trays to hold a variety of related parts needed in precise spots as it heads down the line. Creating the precision these nesting trays and pallets need to hold your parts in exactly the right place is where our very human yet exacting material-handling experts come into the equation. They work with your engineers and suppliers to custom design injection-molded trays and parts-presentation pallets to meet your needs, and those of your robots.

Besides these trays and pallets holding parts in just the right space to keep robotic and automated production running smoothly, the urethane with which we make our trays protect your parts as it moves from one work cell to the next. No scratches, no bumps, no breakage.

As if that wasn’t friendly enough, PolyFlex’s processing trays can get real chummy with your iron-collar workers when we add a center detail that lets robots, in their language, interface with it. Simply, it lets a robot hold and move the tray to whatever position it needs for the next robot in line to grip one of the tray’s nested parts.

PolyFlex’s nesting trays and pallets are also friendly with your company’s budget. Our injection-molded trays are more durable, able to withstand repeated use exceeding that of other materials.

They’re also more efficient. PolyFlex’s trays can also be used as a shipping container to carry parts through different stages of production from supplier to an assembly plant. Our trays reduce material handling, and the tray’s wear pads add even more protection against damage during shipping.

Yet even though they’re rugged and protect your parts better, PolyFlex’s injection-molded trays are lighter, reducing shipping costs. How friendly is that?

Do you need a better, more efficient way of bringing parts to your robots? Call PolyFlex today to discover what our custom designed processing trays can do for your production efficiency. Your robots will thank you for it.