Stay Green & Use Returnable Shipping Containers

From the unsightly amount of solid waste created from shipping materials to the damage your products may go through in rough handling conditions, there are many reasons to implement returnable shipping containers in your business model.

Returnable shipping containers, or reusable shipping containers, are custom-made for your products ensuring the safe delivery of your product, every time. Once the products are unloaded at their final destination, the containers are reloaded onto the trucks and returned to be filled again. This works especially well in companies that utilize closed-loop distribution systems.

By using returnable shipping containers and dunnage, you are helping conserve our environment’s air and natural resources. For example, every eleven wood pallets that you remove from your supply chain saves one tree, and every twenty pounds of solid waste (corrugated boxes, packaging, etc.) you eliminate will save one gallon of gas. And of course this doesn’t include the amount of actual waste you will also be saving. If industries start employing this strategy, it can have a huge impact on the country’s amount of solid waste.

In addition to being a green company, switching to returnable shipping containers can save you a lot of money in the long run:

  • Decrease the amount of damaged goods by taking advantage of our custom packaging options which keep your products from rattling or bumping against each other during rough shipping or transporting conditions.
  • Because the containers and dunnage are reusable, you’ll cut future costs for ordering disposable containers and dunnage for every shipment. Even though the initial cost is more expensive, the cost per trip is lowered each time you use them.
  • Reduce the cost of labor required to break down corrugated cardboard containers.

For example, one company approached us for a solution for the damaging effects the nesting posts had on the bumpers they were transporting. We developed a thermoset urethane vibration dampening boots to eliminate the dislodgement of the bumpers during transit. The automotive OEM reported $550,000 in savings on dunnage and reduced the labor cost of the rack conversion by 60%.

Offering services in designing, prototyping, tooling, and manufacturing, we at PolyFlex can help you come up with a solution that best meets your individual shipping and material handling needs and best helps reduce waste and pollution. We offer many additional options including added reinforcement, fixed walls, dunnage, colors, and accessories such as label placards, lids, and identification plates. Call us today to discuss your options.