Material Handling Solutions from PolyFlex Provide Flexibility, Cost Reduction and More

Sourcing a solution for your material handling and manufacturing applications can be challenging. From the range of materials available to the benefits of certain design elements, there are a lot of variables to juggle. Bearing that in mind, our policy at PolyFlex Products is to help every customer arrive at a decision that addresses all of their needs. Working closely with you, your team and your suppliers, we can develop custom solutions that help you to cut down on waste, streamline your manufacturing processes and, most importantly, reduce the overall costs associated with those processes.

In one example, we worked with a manufacturer that required a material handling solution for their company’s flywheels. After examining the process, listening to the company’s needs and diligently considering the available options, we were able to design a kitting tray that could be utilized for multiple parts and during several stages of the manufacturing process. As a result, we helped the company reduce program costs by sixty percent.

In another example, we worked with a major North American auto manufacturer who was interested in replacing their expensive stainless steel wash baskets. Again, we carefully examined their process to determine the best replacement material. Ultimately, by utilizing molded plastic to create new wash baskets, we were able to reduce internal shipping weights by eighty percent and were able to completely eliminate part rejections caused by part-to-part damage during cleaning and handling. These reductions resulted in reducing the cost of overall gear cleaning operations by a staggering forty percent.

Working to become the industry leader in flexible, custom material handling solutions, PolyFlex Products offers a wide range of custom products. Whether you need kitting trays, OEM parts, expendable packaging or rack dunnage, we can work with your team to find the best solution for your manufacturing processes. If you’re interested in cutting costs, streamlining the assembly process and increasing profits, contact us today to learn more about the many material handling solutions that we provide3.