Plastic Wash Baskets in the Automotive Industry

PolyFlex Products has an extensive line of containers, dunnage, baskets and packaging that is aimed at improving the efficiency of the automotive industry. From thermoset urethane vibration dampening boots to reduce damage during transit to pallet-sized returnable trays that streamline the shipping process, our solutions are designed to be just that: solutions. In this post, we’d like to highlight a recent success that PolyFlex Products helped a major American auto manufacturer achieve.

The main issue that the manufacturer expressed was a dissatisfaction with the system they were currently using to wash gearing and transmission components. Utilizing heavy, perforated stainless steel containers, they noticed that parts were being damaged during the cleaning process due to the container’s failure to prevent gears from tilting and coming into contact with one another.

As a solution, PolyFlex Products designed a custom, injection-molded tray from a blend of polyolefin. Durable and offering high strength, the blend afforded the trays resilience to harsh cleaning chemicals, high temperatures and abrasion during the cleaning process. After designing the trays, PolyFlex fabricated them in two colors to allow for easy identification and separation.

Lighter than their previous containers, the new trays allowed the manufacturer to optimize its parts washing cycle. Transmission components are now being processed with more precision, more care and at a much faster rate. Additionally, operators have praised the new parts wash baskets for their lighter weight and more ergonomic design.

At PolyFlex Products, we aim to provide custom solutions that address our clients’ problems head on. Whether you’re shipping sensitive parts across the globe or washing transmissions in house, we’ve got the experience and skill necessary to ensure that your processes are secure, straightforward and optimized. Contact us today to learn more about our custom packaging solutions, in-plant processing trays, reusable containers and more.