Solve Your Shipping Problems with Rack Dunnage

Dunnage is used to secure and properly contain parts during shipping. As a key element in supply chain management, dunnage ensures that parts arrive in undamaged condition. From base dunnage that is used to transport transmission racks, to bumper racks with urethane boots, dunnage comes in an infinite variety of shapes, sizes and materials.

How PolyFlex manufactures its dunnage

At PolyFlex Products, we utilize a number of processes in the manufacture of our rack dunnage. Thermoforming, pressure forming and injection molding are a few methods that we use in shaping our materials. Typically, for situations that require precision detail, we recommend injection molding, whereas thermoforming is more useful in the general range of applications. Whether your logistics require the use of cast urethane, foam grade urethane or brush rubber, we can source it, mold it and get your shipping schedule back on track.

How dunnage solves your problems

If you’ve ever fielded a complaint from an upset client that one of your parts was damaged in transit, you understand the importance of securing your items for transport. Moving delicate or heavy objects across the country is taxing, as parts tend to get rattled and vibrated. Rack dunnage doesn’t only safeguard your parts these common problems, it can protect against moisture damage, static electricity and contamination.

If your supply chain needs a little more security on the “chain” side of things, PolyFlex Products is well-positioned to help you. With a flexible approach, we can source, supply or create the dunnage that you need to move your products safely. Whether you’re shipping engine blocks, windshields or bumpers, we can ensure your parts make it to their destination in one piece. Give us a call, tell us the challenges you’re facing and let us figure out how to make your life easier.