PolyFlex Products Expanding Into New Global Regions

Recently, PolyFlex Products announced that it would be expanding its operations into new regions across the globe. Starting with Germany in early 2015, the company then formed a partnership with Shanghai EC Global International Trading Co. to assist with logistics freight and transport in China.

PolyFlex’s CEO, Mark Kirchmer recently spoke about the international expansion and PolyFlex’s future plans with Rubber & Plastics News, saying, “I would see us establishing some kind of representation sales office initially and then possibly some kind of a further partnership where we would put those engineers on the ground. That’s really what we need in there first, and then potentially some alliance partners to manufacture there too.” Kirchmer further stated that he saw the need for global expansion several years ago, when PolyFlex first opened an office in Mexico, and that the new international sites are an extension of that site’s goals and philosophy: to provide superior part protection.

As PolyFlex has grown over the years, from employing 10 people in 2003 to pulling in over $27 million in revenue in 2014, it has constantly sought to expand its operations, streamline its processes and improve its capabilities. Now looking to branch out into other industries and seeking to enter into partnerships with new OEMs, PolyFlex Products isn’t just growing, it’s thriving.

If you would like to read the full story, it can be found here on the website of Rubber & Plastics News.