Protect Your Components with Custom Processing Trays

As your parts move through automated machining operations, it’s important that they are transported effectively, safely and in a way that benefits your overall manufacturing process. When properly designed, processing and dunnage trays can not only raise the efficiency – and profits – of your facilities, they can save you money by preventing parts from being damaged during handling and transit.

At PolyFlex, our in-plant processing trays are designed to minimize waste and maximize profits. Our ability to create custom kitting trays ensures that – no matter the application – your parts are protected, properly oriented and prepared for the subsequent steps in the manufacturing process. Beyond customization, however, we offer a range of advantages that help to distinguish us from our competitors.

We understand the applications

Our comprehensive knowledge of robotic and automated interfacing with packaging is the best in the business. The material-handling experts at PolyFlex are educated on all aspects of automation. We work closely with you to select – or create – a solution that will present components to your automated process while also ensuring that your trays will provide adequate protection during in-plant processing and shipping.

Our trays are durable

Built to last, our injection-molded trays and part-nesting pallets are created using some of the strongest materials available. From cast solid elastomer urethane and thermoset rubber to thermoplastic injection and structural foam, we take the time to determine which materials are best suited to your application. Then, our designers work directly with our robotics experts to create a solid, durable tray that will meet your specific handling requirements.

At PolyFlex Products, our number one goal is to make your manufacturing processes easier, safer and more efficient. Whether you need shock protection, specific orientation or protection from electrostatic discharge, our kitting trays can get the job done. Furthermore, our understanding the automation industry, including the tolerances necessary to robotically select components from a tray, is unparalleled. So, if you’re looking to streamline your manufacturing process and maximize your profits, give us a call today.