Save Money on One-Time International Shipments with Expendable Packaging

Occasionally manufacturers find themselves in a situation where they’re required to ship an order overseas to a one-time buyer. In these cases, returnable packaging can be a costly solution. With the higher initial cost and heavier construction, returnable packaging doesn’t just cost more per unit, it costs more to ship. To address this, it is often beneficial to ship your products using expendable packaging, which is created with an inexpensive, lightweight material. Let’s look at a couple of the advantages that expendable packaging offers in these scenarios.


Expendable packaging costs less per unit due to the inexpensive materials used in its construction. Whether it’s corrugated box clasps, engine rack dunnage or sound deadeners, production costs are kept to a minimum while still allowing you to ship your products securely. Though the costs of returnable packaging will always be lower if repeat shipments are expected, expendable packaging is a great shipping option when you need to move your products but haven’t established a regular shipping loop with your client.


Made from environmentally superior materials, expendable packaging is a 100% recyclable solution to your shipping needs. Many clients are uninformed about the details of expendable packaging and assume that it is wasteful. However, when properly disposed of, this packaging isn’t just a cost-effective shipping option, it’s an environmentally safe and friendly way to manage infrequent shipments.

At PolyFlex Products, we engineer a wide variety of solutions for material handling and manufacturing process applications. Whether we’re working with cast solid elastomer urethane, thermoset rubber or structural foam, we focus on creating only the most reliable, most sound answers to your shipping and material handling needs. If you’ve been looking for a company capable of working with you to get your shipments from A to B in a safe, cost-effective way, call us today to discuss the many options available from PolyFlex.