Overcome Challenges Swiftly and Inexpensively with Short Injection Run Molding

Short run injection molding is a type of thermoplastic injection molding that allows businesses to have custom molded products created in smaller quantities. As a result, this type of injection molding is designed to address the business’ immediate needs and allows for a faster, more efficient response to unexpected manufacturing challenges. Since the products created by short run injection molding don’t offer the extended life expectancy of a more thorough solution, they are rarely designed to provide long-term solutions, however, they do offer a range of inherent benefits.

The benefits of short run injection molding

As many companies are beholden to an annual budget, unexpected challenges can lead to unanticipated expenses. The cost of addressing these challenges via the usual routes may be prohibitive and outside the realm of possibility in regards to the company’s available budget. In these cases, short run injection molding is often the preferred solution, as it allows for a low-cost, immediate solution to the challenge without the risk of overextending and depleting discretionary funds. Additionally, the cost-to-dependability ratio of these molded products is quite high, offering enough reliability to get the job done and keep the company’s manufacturing schedule on track.

How short run injection molding works

With the ability to choose from a selection of materials, short run injection molding works much like traditional injection molding. The difference lies in the speed of production and the ability to deliver low volumes. In addition to the rapid development time being great at addressing immediate needs, this type of molding is well-suited to applications that require continual refinement. Because of this, short run injection molding isn’t just an excellent solution for unexpected manufacturing challenges, it is great for prototyping, temporary part replacement and so-called “band-aid fixes,” where a series of parts can be quickly molded until the desired results are achieved.