Save Your Products – and Your Space – with Returnable Packaging

When it comes to shipping your products, the value of returnable packaging and containers cannot be overstated. One-way containers present a budgetary issue: with the need to source and purchase constant replacements, the costs, at best, will level out. Your expenditures on one-way packaging, generally, will not decrease. Instead, they will either increase or remain at your current level of spending. Returnable packaging, on the other hand, allows you to make an initial investment and, over time, lower the amount that you are spending on your packaging needs. In this post, we’re going to look closely at how returnable containers can save your products, save you time and save you money.

Time-based savings

You plan to run your business for a long time, right? While the upfront cost of a corrugated cardboard box can be 95 percent less than a reusable shipping container, the decision isn’t so cut and dry, as reusable containers can often be used 250 times or more. As a result, you can spend up to 90% less every time you use your reusable containers.

Sturdy construction

Because they afford your products more protection than standard cardboard boxes, reusable containers prevent damage from occurring during shipping. Due to this, you save money on both your shipping costs and the costs of products returned due to damage.

Easier to handle and store

With a range of features available to make shipping, handling and storing easier, returnable packaging reduces the amount of floor space that your unused packaging occupies. With the ability to collapse, nest and stack, reusable containers allow you to dedicate your space to more beneficial – and profitable – endeavors.

At PolyFlex Products, we aim to streamline your shipping, material handling and manufacturing processes. By reducing costs, increasing protection and preserving floor space, investing in returnable packaging contributes to a healthier, more profitable operation. If you’ve been looking for ways to improve your shipping methods, contact us today to discuss how packaging from PolyFlex can help you achieve your goals.