Going Green? Save Money and the Environment with Polyflex’s Returnable Shipping Containers

With countless companies looking for green alternatives to traditional shipping methods, investing in reusable and returnable containers is becoming more and more popular. Capable of being custom-made to fit your products, reusable containers ensure safe delivery by securely holding your products in place, thus preventing damage caused by movement, contact and friction. Especially useful for companies utilizing closed-loop distribution systems, returnable containers are simply unpacked and loaded back on to the delivery trucks, ready for their next shipment. In this post, we’re going to look at how you can protect the environment – and your bottom line – by utilizing returnable shipping containers.

Safer shipping

Since returnable shipping containers are custom-built for your products, there is reduced risk of damage occurring during transit. The containers prevent excessive movement which, in turn, prevents damage from parts coming into contact with one another.

Lower costs

Though the initial investment is higher, future costs are drastically reduced when using returnable containers. Every time you use them, the cost per unit is reduced. Additionally, you’ll save on labor by eliminating the need to break down cardboard containers.

Reduced environmental impact

As you’ll be avoiding the waste associated with cardboard containers or, worse yet, disposable plastic containers, your company will be taking steps towards a greener, more environmentally-friendly operation.

At PolyFlex, our goal is to optimize your material handling, manufacturing and shipping processes. If we can help your company go green in the process, that’s even better! Our returnable shipping containers are a proven, reliable way to reduce your costs, protect your shipments and create a more profitable operation. If you’ve been considering moving towards a more environmentally friendly mode of shipping, we encourage you to reach out to us today to discuss the many benefits of our returnable and reusable shipping containers.