How Short Run Injection Molding Can Help You Streamline and Optimize Your Operation

If you’ve found yourself in need of an effective – and immediate – solution to your operation’s material handling needs, short run injection molding is the answer. Intended to allow your business to have custom-molded products manufactured in small quantities, short run injection molding is a fast and affordable way to address urgent needs and, most importantly, keep your operation running smoothly. In this post, we’re going to look at a few of the benefits offered by short run injection molding from PolyFlex.

Low cost

Typically, you have to choose between fast and effective. With short run injection molding, you can have the best of both worlds! A fast, low cost solution to your internal – and external – shipping needs, it allows you to swiftly respond to changing circumstances.


The cost-to-dependability ration of short run injection molded dunnage is unmatched. The process’ high quality results allow you to stay on track without a decrease in valuable uptime.


Sometimes, you just need an immediate solution to an immediate problem. Short run injection molding allows you to have a solution up and running in no time flat. Where other options may have inconvenient – and costly – wait periods for manufacturing, short run injection molding affords the fastest, least expensive and most dependable solution available.

At PolyFlex, we strive to help our customers streamline their operations. Occasionally, however, situations do arise that require an immediate solution that our customers aren’t prepared for. In those cases, we strongly recommend short run injection molded dunnage as a reliable and cost-effective solution. If you’ve been looking for a provider of the industry’s best dunnage, in-plant processing trays and OEM parts, we encourage you to reach out to us today to discuss how our team can help optimize your operation.