Utilize Returnable Packaging to Secure Your Products and Save Space

If you’ve been looking for ways to reduce the cost of shipping your products, returnable packaging is a great option to explore. Single-use packaging is a convenient option, however, the costs over time can quickly add up. You have to purchase a steady supply, pay your workers to assemble them, then pay your workers again to break down used or discarded boxes. With returnable packaging, you invest more up front, however, you eliminate these recurring costs and – in the long run – save yourself both time and money. In today’s post, we’d like to discuss how returnable shipping containers can keep your products secure, save space in your facility and, best of all, reduce your overall costs.

Secure your products

Because our returnable packaging materials are custom made to fit your products, they secure them better than “one size fits all” disposable solutions. Due to this, you can count on them to more tightly hold your products, resulting in less damage during transit.

Save space

PolyFlex’s reusable packaging is designed to break down, collapse, stack, and nest. These features, more than anything, help to preserve valuable floor space that you can then dedicate to more important – and more profitable – tasks.

Reduce costs

No bones about it, corrugated boxes are cheaper than reusable packaging… in the short run. In the long run, however, reusable packaging can reduce your per-shipment costs by up to 90%. That’s a massive amount of savings over time!

At PolyFlex Products, our goal is to help our customers optimize their internal – and external – shipping processes. By offering a range of returnable packaging that can help to save space, reduce costs, and protect products, we ensure that our customers have ample opportunities to streamline their operations. If you’ve been looking for ways to increase your margins without sacrificing quality or efficiency, contact us today to discuss how we can help.