Keep the Environment Clean and Costs Down with Returnable Shipping Containers

If you’re harboring concerns about the security of your products or the future of our environment, then you should consider using returnable shipping containers in your operation. With the ability to customize our shipping containers, we can help you ensure that your products are securely contained, protected during transit, and kept safely away from moisture, dust, and debris. Additionally, the environmental impact of reusable containers is much, much less than the impact of disposable containers. In fact, for every 20 pounds of waste you eliminate, you save one gallon of gas: over time, across many manufacturers, this savings stands to make a marked, meaningful, and positive impact on our environment.

Best of all, the benefits of using reusable shipping containers aren’t just external, they affect your internal operation, as well. Manufactured to your specifications, they can save you money by preventing damage during transit and, over time, will accumulate a substantial amount of savings by eliminating the need to order disposable cardboard boxes, plastic packaging, and more. On top of all this, they have the ability to reduce your labor costs, as there is no need to break them down or dispose of them.

At PolyFlex Products, we are proud to offer the industry’s best reusable shipping containers, in-plant processing trays, rack dunnage, and more. With years of experience manufacturing a wide range of products to meet an even wider range of customer needs, we are well-positioned to help you streamline your operation, reduce costs, and safeguard our environment. If you’ve been searching for a new shipping method, a way to cut your packaging – and labor – costs that also allows you to run your operation in an ecologically responsible way, contact us today to discuss how we can help.