The Benefits of Manufacturing In-Plant Processing Trays from Thermoformed Plastic

Aiming to help all of our clients with their material handling needs, PolyFlex Products believes in manufacturing the absolute best in-plant processing trays available. We understand that automated equipment is finicky: it wants trays that are precise. But, with that in mind, we also know that operators want durable, long-lasting trays that won’t break into pieces the minute something unexpected happens. While a lot of materials can offer these qualities, we believe that thermoformed plastic is the best material for juggling durability, precision, and cost-effectiveness.

In addition to these amazing qualities, thermoformed plastic also allows us to bypass traditionally long lead times. With the ability to quickly create disposable and reusable kitting trays, we can customize a solution to our clients’ specific needs and – more importantly – avoid unscheduled downtime by delivering that solution quickly. No matter what your operation needs, whether it’s a one-time answer to an unusual problem or a long-term solution that addresses a frequent issue, we’re confident that we can deliver on your expectations.

The sheer number of possible customizations available with our in-plant processing trays allows you to choose from an almost unlimited number of options. From helping with the sorting of components to assisting in the transportation of parts, our trays affords you the security of knowing that your parts, products, components, and assets are safe.

At PolyFlex Products, we aim to produce the absolute best material handling solutions available, including plastic, rubber, and urethane options. Striving to exceed our clients’ expectations, we are constantly searching for ways to deliver better, longer-lasting, and more secure products. If you’ve been searching for a partner that will help you overcome the challenges that your plant faces, we encourage you to reach out to us today to discuss the many options that we have available.