Reduce Costs by Shipping More in Less Space

Since our founding, PolyFlex has sought to provide manufacturers with better ways to ship their products. Whether it’s through improving the way that parts are secured during transport or lowering costs by creating economical packaging that requires fewer shipments to transport the same number of parts, our engineers are constantly on the lookout for new, innovative methods to save manufacturers’ money.

In the past, we’ve worked with companies of all sizes to reduce their shipping costs. By leveraging our ability to create lighter, stronger packaging that is returnable or expendable, countless manufacturers have seen their costs reduced and their profit margins increased.

One of the most cost-effective methods for saving on shipping costs is by utilizing more efficient packaging. Our customizable rack dunnage allows manufacturers to ship more products in less space. As a result, less packaging needs to be ordered, fewer shipments need to be sent and more money is saved. Available in a wide variety of materials like foam grade urethane, heavy gauge thermoforming and cast urethane, our rack dunnage isn’t just less expensive, it’s more secure.

By creating custom rack dunnage to your specifications, you can ensure that your parts are protected during transport and material handling. This results in fewer returns due to damaged goods and, in combination with the more efficient shipping configuration, reduces the cost of shipping per item even more.

At PolyFlex, we aim to be an industry leader when it comes to dunnage engineering. Our dedication to innovation and high quality packaging ensures that our customers receive the best possible solutions, every time. Whether you’re looking to cut costs on shipping or you need to ensure the safety of your parts during transit, PolyFlex has the capabilities and knowledge necessary to address your concerns. Contact one of our engineers today to discuss your needs and, more importantly, how we can help.