High-Quality, Low Cost, Returnable Packaging from PolyFlex Products

At PolyFlex Products, we specialize in returnable packaging from thermoformed and vacuum molded processes, often combined with injection molded polyurethane or thermoplastic rubber inserts. We are a thriving, growing organization embracing change as a way of challenging each other to grow personally and professionally. Our mission is to be the industry leader in process innovation for returnable packaging, offering flexible custom solutions with optimum value to our clients, resulting in mutual growth and profitability.

Durability you can trust

PolyFlex has a history of producing unique, sturdy containers for your returnable packaging. From custom thermoformed plastic packaging to dunnage trays that will safeguard your products against damage en route to your destinations. With our in-depth understanding of the causes of product damage and experience in shipping light components and fully dressed engines, and how to eliminate those causes, we are there for you to provide the best shipping and packaging solutions for products.

Eco and cost friendly

Not only are our returnable plastic trays reusable, our products eliminate the high costs of expendable packaging disposal. With a thickness of less than 1.5 mm, the thin-walled plastic can be fed off a roller rather than sheet fed, which speeds up the automated process of feeding, vacuum-forming and trimming the products, and reduces the time we need to fill your order, and saves your company money. With our wide range of molding capabilities, as well as designing, prototyping, and manufacturing, we want to offer you the most cost effective solution for your application.

At PolyFlex Products, it is our policy to deliver to our customers’ quality products and services that meet or exceed their requirements. We strive to continually improve and support our goal of providing optimum value to our clients. If you have any questions regarding our returnable packaging solutions and our company, please contact us today for more information.