Know What to Look for in an In-Plant Processing Tray Producer

When you’re looking for a partner to develop and refine robotic handling trays, turn to PolyFlex. We understand close tolerances, the need for a high level of cost effective repeatability, and how to innovate if your current solution stops working. Here’s what you need to consider when looking for an in-plant processing tray producer:

Precision Matters Over the Long Term

Nesting pallets are designed to hold a custom part in an accurate position as it transitions through multiple machining operations. We make sure the materials specified will hold up to continued wear and perform through multiple uses. The tray positions the part properly so automation equipment can pick up and place the part in the next machining operation, time and time again.

High Precision In-Plant Processing Trays at The Best Price Point

Our precision plastic packaging and base trays are made with vacuum formed and injection molded inserts to hold parts in accurate positions for robotic interaction. We use this combination of processes to keep costs down while keeping standards for strength and accuracy high. We want to work smart when creating these essential parts, creating better solutions that keep working in your manufacturing environment.

What to Do When Your Current Solution Stops Working

We’ve had clients come to us and say their current trays started out strong, but have unusual wear, or just didn’t perform how they were intended. We can find a new solution that works. Our trays are crafted from mixed processes and mixed materials. Sometimes changing out parts on the trays for rubber, urethane, or plastic materials can make a huge difference in longevity, wear, and even noise reduction.

Talk with one of our in-plant processing tray specialists about your custom design needs. We’ve got a proven track record for providing solutions in precision environments.