Keep Your Product Safe Again and Again with Returnable Packaging

As you know, tooling and manufacturing can be expensive, so, when shipping your products, returnable packaging is the best way for you to protect them while being able to reuse the packaging they’re sent in. Solid enough to send your products multiple times, returnable packaging from PolyFlex is the best way to ship manufactured goods that need to be kept safe.

Experience in precision crafting

When you work with PolyFlex to design your returnable packaging, you know that your products are in good hands. With a proven record of manufacturing durable and efficient custom thermoformed plastic packaging and dunnage trays, we at PolyFlex guarantee we can help you find a solution for your shipping needs. From casting trays with protective caps to a pallet lid with a seatbelt, we have made returnable packaging for a multitude of products. From light components to fully dressed engines, PolyFlex has the design to suit your product.

Previous solutions show our mastery

PolyFlex as a history of producing unique, sturdy containers for your products, and one such returnable package is the crank case tray. The company required a custom design that accommodated robotic grippers for lifting their pallet to and from loading stations. The result was a durable tray that was compatible with robotic load/unload automation systems. As only one example of many that PolyFlex has created, we are sure we will be able to help you find the right design for returnable packaging.

Specializing in custom designs, PolyFlex can design all the plastic, urethane, and rubber solutions you need to safely and securely ship products. With a desire to help you find the specific solution for your products, PolyFlex will work with you every step of the way from designing to manufacturing.