Safe Shipping and Handling with the Right Rack Dunnage

Whatever you need to move safely, PolyFlex can help you find the correct shipping racks and rack dunnage to protect your products. We can help you find what you need from our in-stock catalog of existing solutions, or work with you to design and manufacture customized items.

In-Stock Solutions

We maintain a comprehensive inventory of shipping racks and rack dunnage made with: brush rubber, comb rubber, cone dunnage and flat bar. We have shipping racks and dunnage made with a variety of materials and processes including cast urethane, foam grade urethane, injection molding and heavy gauge thermoforming. We are happy to provide you with a catalog of existing standard racks and rack dunnage products. You can also talk with a representative to help you find the correct items for your transportation needs.

Custom Solutions

If we can’t find the right solution to ship your product safely with our in-stock solutions, we can design, prototype, and manufacture a product. We will work with you to design and produce a custom solution that fits your specifications. Our engineers will work with you to define your needs and establish a set of design criteria. Our 3D modeling software provides the ultimate experience for visualization of the finished product. Our wide range of molding capabilities allow you to find a flexible, cost-effective solution. PolyFlex can work with you to create racks and dunnage appropriate to move your products safely.

Our customers have shipped everything from truck bumpers to engine transmissions. Whether customized or in stock, PolyFlex’s shipping racks and rack dunnage are made to protect products and parts – light or heavy – during shipping and material handling.

Whether you’re looking for an in stock or custom solutions, contact us today to discuss your shipping needs. Leverage our shipping expertise to find the right solution for you.