4 Reasons to Protect Your Auto Parts with Automotive Dunnage

When you’re regularly storing and transporting parts in your facility, automotive dunnage racks are essential to maintaining their integrity. Ensuring that parts aren’t compromised in transit, are easily relocated and are protected from potential falls or damage caused by impingement, dunnage racks are your parts’ most effective line of protection in the often challenging manufacturing environment. In this post, we’re going to look at how dunnage can save you both time and money by allowing for easy transportation and by preventing waste caused by damage.

1. Prevents scratches and dents

Even if your parts are never dropped, damage can still be caused by improper storage. Part impingement – two parts striking one another – can lead to scratches and dents that compromise your parts’ integrity.

2. Simplifies transportation

Designed to allow for swift transportation, our automotive rack dunnage can be easily repositioned using built-in handles or, in the case of larger dunnage, by using a forklift.

3. Reusable

To save you money, our rack dunnage is engineered to last. Able to be reused and repurposed, it doesn’t just reduce costs by preventing damage, it cuts down on the costs associated with in-house transport materials.

4. Saves floor space

Floor space is one of your facility’s most precious commodities. When storing your parts, it pays to be organized so that you can maximize the impact of your available space. Our rack dunnage lets you store more parts in less space by allowing you to efficiently – and safely – stack and store those parts together.

At PolyFlex, we are an industry leader in the design and manufacture of urethane, rubber and plastic dunnage for safe and secure shipping and material handling. Having served the automotive industry for years, we take pride in our ability to develop custom solutions that meet – or exceed – our clients’ needs. If you’ve been looking to reduce your costs, increase your profits and protect the parts that you manufacture, contact us today to learn more about our automotive rack dunnage.