Protect Your Products and Your Reputation with Rack Dunnage from PolyFlex

When you’re competing against a global network of rival companies, your company’s reputation is priceless. Your ability to deliver a quality product, on time and in undamaged condition is what separates you from the amateurs. As a result, finding cost-efficient and secure ways to transport your products is essential to the long-term success of your company. To help with this, PolyFlex Products offers a full line of rack dunnage. From brush and comb rubber to flat bar and cone dunnage, we can manufacture the dunnage that you need to ensure that your products arrive in pristine condition. In this post, we’re going to talk about how rack dunnage helps you protect your company’s reputation by providing a simple, reliable way to secure your products during shipping.

1. Prevent damage from moisture

When shipping metal parts and components, moisture damage is a major concern. By keeping your products off the container’s floor, rack dunnage can prevent the rusting and corrosion caused by accumulated moisture.

2. Prevent damage from motion

If your parts aren’t held in place, they can rub against each other, causing friction damage. Even worse, there’s the very real risk of toppling over during transit. Securely holding your products in place, rack dunnage prevents damage caused by slipping, sliding, falling and listing.

3. Prevent damage from debris

Loose debris is a common sight in many shipping containers and cargos. This debris can wreak havoc on fragile or sensitive parts, compromising the integrity of sensitive or tightly-calibrated components. Well-designed dunnage helps to combat this by limiting the debris’ ability to infiltrate the insides of your parts.

At PolyFlex Products, we aim to provide our customers with flexible, reliable solutions to their shipping needs. Our extensive line of rack dunnage – and our ability to customize – allows our clients to be confident in the quality of their shipped products… and the integrity of their reputation. If you’ve been looking for a partner that will work with you to resolve all of your shipping concerns, contact us today to discuss how PolyFlex’s rack dunnage can keep your products safe.