Save the Environment – and Money – by Using Returnable Shipping Containers

If you’ve been following the news at all, recently, you’re undoubtedly aware of the efforts being made to encourage businesses to make environmentally conscious decisions. Whether it’s through using solar power, recyclable materials or biodegradable packaging, the general consensus is that measures need to be taken to ensure that our environment is preserved. One of the best ways that manufacturing and production facilities can contribute to this effort is by using returnable shipping containers. Tailored to your products, returnable shipping containers ensure safe delivery, help to reduce long-term costs and have a markedly less significant impact on the environment. In this post, we’re going to look at three ways that you can save money – and the environment – by switching to reusable shipping containers.

Reduce damage caused by shipping

The custom packaging options available from PolyFlex can be tailored to hold your goods as snugly as possible. Since every container is built with your specific product in mind, they are able to more securely hold products and limit – or eliminate entirely – damage caused by friction, falls or drops while in transit.

Eliminate the ongoing cost of disposable containers

One of the greatest benefits of reusable containers is right in their name: reusable. Without the ongoing, constant cost of replacing expensive shipping materials, you’ll be able to drastically reduce your long-term costs and invest your funds into the more profitable, rewarding aspects of your business.

Save on labor associated with cardboard containers

In addition to reducing recurring shipping costs, you’ll be able to eliminate the labor costs associated with breaking down and discarding corrugated cardboard containers.

At PolyFlex Products, we offer a wide range of prototyping, tooling, manufacturing and designing services. With the ability to custom-make the solutions that our customers need, we pride ourselves on our ability to cut costs and increase efficiency. If you’ve been looking for a long-term solution to your shipping needs, a solution that is both economically and environmentally sound, contact us today to discuss transitioning to reusable shipping containers.