Find Solutions to Improve the Function of Your Racks and Rack Dunnage

Racks and rack dunnage technology have grown to meet the needs of the global economy. Manufacturers are shipping parts farther than ever before, and are always looking to save money on costs. That’s where we come in. Our business model is made for mutual benefit – when you save money with our products, we have mutual growth and profitability. Some of the factors to consider include:

Reusable, expendable, sometimes both

The best solution for transporting goods may include reusable racks, expendable parts or a combination of both. We developed reusable injection molded racks paired with disposable flywheels for one of our OEM clients, and they were able to save 66% reduction in program costs.

Change up materials

We were able to help a client that was using stainless steel wash baskets by switching these out for a molded plastic basket. This lighter weight option reduced their internal shipping weight by nearly 88%. This solution also reduced their part rejection and damage rates, and lowered their overall operation costs by 40%

Reduce impact and vibration

Our experience has taught us that changing up the materials used can save money by reducing weight, but also by delivering products with less damage from impact and vibration. Our client needed to ship truck bumpers and had a service issue with them dislodging in transit. We were able to change the material used in their shipping rack to a specialty formulated thermoset urethane rack dunnage to keep the bumper secure in transit. This saved the client $550,000 in redesign costs.

At PolyFlex Products, our goal is to help you ship more product in less space at a lower cost. If you need a new solution for your racks and rack dunnage, talk to our experts. We’ll put our array of experiences to work and we’ll find you the right solution. Design, prototype, and manufacture – we’ll use the latest technology for your project. Call us to work together to find an innovative solution for the products you ship.