The Many Advantages of Returnable Packaging and Reusable Containers

If you are in the auto industry or other industrial market, you understand the importance of your supply chain. Not only do you need to ship and receive your products and parts quickly and efficiently, but you also need them to arrive safely, securely, and as cost effectively as possible. Are those needs being met with the way you currently ship and receive products and parts?

What is Reusable/Returnable Packaging?

There are many different names for it – returnable, reusable, sustainable, etc. – but whatever you refer to it as, reusable packaging is simply an alternative way to ship products that holds up over time and can be reused indefinitely. These sustainable shipping options come in the form of trays, containers, pallets, cases, and more.

While many companies will attempt to make reusable packaging out of a variety of materials, thermoform has proven itself as one of the better options. It can be made for pennies on the dollar, is incredibly versatile, durable, and holds up well over time.

Benefits of Returnable Packaging and Reusable Containers

It’s often difficult to point out the value in a specific piece of the supply chain, but reusable containers and packaging have certainly proven their worth over the years. When used consistently and effectively, reusable packaging has the ability to:

Reduce Overall Shipping Costs:The biggest advantage is that overall shipping costs are reduced through consistent use of reusable packaging and containers. You are able to cut down on regular purchases of single-use shipping containers and packaging and get multiple uses out of a more durable solution.

Safer Delivery: When using a quality reusable packaging product, you can also cut down on product damage related to shipping and handling. High quality thermoform trays and containers can be specifically molded to individual parts, which provides a snug fit and reduces unnecessary movement during delivery.

Reduce Freight Costs:In addition to being able to reuse packaging, you can also use freight more efficiently. Reusable containers usually stack together, eliminating wasted space and making deliveries easier to load and unload.

Less Workplace Injuries: In some cases, reusable shipping containers have reduced or eliminated workplace injuries related to opening packaging. Where regular containers allow sharp parts to move and shift during delivery, these sustainable containers keep parts where they are and eliminate surprises.

At PolyFlex, we are one of the leading providers of returnable packaging and reusable containers.  For more information on how sustainable packaging could improve your company’s supply chain and cost management, please contact us today.