Injection Molded Trays and Inserts Can Reduce Costs and Increase Accuracy

Two of the most important variables of the manufacturing process are cost and accuracy. As these two aspects of the process are often delicately intertwined, finding a way to reduce costs while simultaneously increasing accuracy helps to build a solid foundation for the entire process. It may sound like a pipe dream, but by using injection molded trays and inserts, you can accomplish both.

Injection molded trays and inserts are a comparatively inexpensive alternative to other, more costly materials. However, this cost reduction doesn’t require the same compromises that other inexpensive materials demand. In fact, injection molded trays often offer increased durability and accuracy in the manufacturing process. This unique combination of benefits positions injection molding as the method of choice when designing your operation’s kitting trays, especially those used in robotic and automated processes.

In addition to added durability and reduced costs, injection molded trays can be tailored to your specific application. Whether you need a reliable way to secure parts during in-plant shipping, the ability to interface with robotics equipment or a kitting tray that will reduce noise levels in your facility, injection molded trays can be customized to accomplish nearly any task. At PolyFlex, our mission isn’t just to provide you with the industry’s best injection molded trays, our mission is to help you determine exactly what properties your trays need and then create a solution that is specifically designed to enhance your operation.

The team at PolyFlex has strived, at every opportunity, to gain the skills and tools necessary to allow us to offer the most innovative – and effective – injection molded trays available. Our commitment to developing custom solutions, investigating beneficial materials and providing optimum value to our clients has positioned us as a leading provider of custom material handling solutions. If you’ve been searching for a partner that will work with you to develop injection molded trays and other essential packaging solutions, reach out to our team today to discuss how our products can help to streamline your operation.